Publishing Utopia

  • January 10, 2017 - 45, 50, 60, 70, and 80 lb Text added to Ethos Enhanced Inkjet. 11 New stocked parts to support the new basis weights. All parts are in stock now.
    Although not part of the Appleton Coated Publishing portfolio, they are used extensively in the publishing segment and may be of interest to you. Click here
  • October 26, 2016: Announcing a new inkjet product line - Ethos Enhanced Inkjet. A smooth, silk coated feel in an uncoated paper. A high performing alternative to coated inkjet papers.
  • October 11, 2016: 10 new Utopia Inkjet stocked parts have been added.

From smooth, glare-free lightweights to elegant dulls, Utopia publishing papers offer outstanding print performance and a bright, blue-white shade. Coupled with service excellence, our papers are the perfect choice for textbooks, adult and juvenile trade publishing, catalogs, inserts, and technical publications.

We offer a wide range of publishing papers. Please review the Specification Sheet for details.
  • Utopia Book
  • Utopia Green Book 90
  • Utopia Green Book 50
  • Utopia Thinbook
  • Utopia GW Book
  • Utopia GW Thinbook
  • Utopia Filmcoat
  • Utopia Book Inkjet
  • Utopia Book Inkjet PE