We believe that the right paper makes all the difference. That's why we offer paper grades with multiple finishes and distinctive shades to solve any budget, printing, or environmental communications challenge.

Utopia Premium
Elegant, upscale, the ultimate printing surface. Balanced blue-white shade. Ideal for an even lay of solids. FSC certified and manufactured with green power.
Your brightest choice. Ultra bright. Super smooth. Eco-friendly too. Brilliant. Gloss Silk. Matte. FSC certified, 20% PCRF, and manufactured with green power. Optics backlight imagery for maximum contrast.
Utopia One
Discontinued 8/30/16. Click through for details. Clean and classic. Confident and true. Gloss. Dull. Matte. Excellent gloss and smoothness. Balanced blue-white shade. FSC certified,10% PCRF, and manufactured with green power.
Versatile. Dependable. Responsible. Easy going. FSC certified,30% PCRF in all weights, and manufactured with green power. Green made simple. Simply brilliant.
Utopia Two
Hardworking, dependable, excellent value. Gloss. Dull. Matte. A true value in a clean, blue-white shade. Mix and match cut-size, digital, folio, super-size sheets, or web. FSC certified (sheets), 10% PCRF (sheets and web), and manufactured with green power (sheets).
Utopia Three
Making only grade. A real slugger. Really goes the distance. Budget minded. Perfect for high-volume and direct mail. Matte. (Gloss available in web only). U3 Matte sheets are FSC certified.