Human Resources

Appleton Coated employees share a passion for papermaking and delivering superior customer service in an atmosphere of teamwork and continuous improvement. Location and background information can be found in this section (Corporate) of the site.

Employment Opportunities

When opportunities are available to individuals outside the organization, they will be
listed here.

Those opportunities extended to individuals outside of the organization may be found on one or more of the following websites:

Wisconsin JobNet:
Career Builder:

Employee link to benefits site.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Our objective at Appleton Coated is to provide its employees with a work environment that is free from all forms of unlawful discrimination. We are committed to this policy of equal employment opportunity.

All employees and applicants will be treated without unlawful regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, or on any other basis protected by applicable local, state, or federal law. Appleton Coated complies with applicable state and/or local laws which, depending on state or locality, prohibit discrimination (including harassment) because of an individual's ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, or inclusion in any other legally protected group or category. All Appleton Coated employees are prohibited from unlawfully discriminating against employees on these or any other illegal basis in the terms or conditions of employment, including, but not limited to: recruitment, hiring, placement, training, transfer, promotion, demotion, recall and layoff, compensation and benefits, evaluation, discipline, and termination.

Appleton Coated expects each of its employees to refrain from engaging in unlawful discrimination against each other and against our customers, visitors (including employment applicants), vendors, contractors (including independent contractors and their employees), and similar individuals.

Safety, A Way of Life

We want to provide a safe, injury-free working environment for our employees. Our hope is that this "Way of Life" will carry on into the employees' private lives where family members would also benefit from the safety conscious attitude of our people.

To attain this "Way of Life" we must take personal responsibility for our own safety through safe practices, clean working conditions, and helping others to see potential hazards.

If you visit or work in plant areas, you must follow all safety rules. This may include wearing hearing protection and safety glasses which are furnished by the Company. Ties, if worn, and other loose garments must be tucked in. Long hair may need to be restrained to prevent a safety hazard. Hand jewelry must also be removed when working around machinery.