Appleton Coated offers quality products and service programs to meet your needs including coated papers, uncoated papers, specialty products, and publishing papers.

Download our complete Appleton Coated Product Guide here (updated May 3, 2016)

Coated – Utopia
Utopia offers 6 ways to ignite a passion for paper with Utopia Premium, U1X, Utopia One, Utopia Two, U2:XG, and U3.

Coated – Reincarnation, A New Leaf Paper Brand
100% Post-Consumer Recovered Fiber coated paper – manufactured by Appleton Coated,
in the USA.

Coated – Altima

Coated – C1S Litho

Digital – Utopia Coated
Utopia for digital sheetfed.

All Web Inkjet Papers – Coated & Uncoated
Utopia and Ethos for high speed inkjet web applications.

Publishing Papers – Utopia
Our papers offer quality products matched with dedicated service.

Curious Collection
Seven tactile grades for whatever mood strikes you. Touchable & totally tantalizing. Explore the Collection.

Uncoated Papers - Ethos™
Ethos Uncoated Offset, Ethos Uncoated Offset 100% PCRF, Ethos Fiscal Opaque, Ethos Pharma Insert Opaque (PI), Ethos PI Opaque High Bright. Web Inkjet versions of Ethos Fiscal, Ethos PI Opaque, and Ethos PI High Bright Opaque are available.

Technical & Specialty Products
Appleton Coated develops many products outside of our traditional coated and uncoated paper lines.

New Product Development
One of our key strengths is the ability to take your needs and translate those to custom-designed, fiber- or paper-based solutions.