Paper, Printing & Pre-Press Tips

With hundreds of stories from customers and our tech service reps about actions (or lack thereof) that made good or bad project outcomes, we'll share the common scenarios and offer recommendations for successful project implementation.

Printing & Handling of Soft-Finished Papers

If you've dealt with scuffing, rubbing, ink transfer, and finger-marking to name a few issues, read on about considerations for printing and handling soft-finished papers.

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Flip 50 is Critical to On-Press Approval

When attending an on-press approval, be sure and have the press operator "flip 30 - 50" sheets to see ink on the second side. This may save you time and money.

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Varnish, Aqueous, UV...Which Should I Use?

Varnish is the most universal coating and can be found at virtually every printer but it has its drawbacks - as do other coatings. Read more to understand the "coating trade-offs".

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Proper Scoring Can Save the Looks of Your Project

Ever have your saturated, solid coverage cover appear cracked along the binding edge or your poster at folds? Prevent this issue with proper scoring.

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Struggling With Banding or Moiré Patterns?

Stochastic printing has been a lifesaver with these nagging issues. Learn about how this screening technology can alleviate problems.

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