Green Power

What is Green Power?

  • For all grades that carry the Green Power designation, 100% of the electricity used to manufacture those products is matched with renewable energy credits (RECS) from
    Green-eŽ certified energy sources - primarily wind. So your purchase of Green Power Utopia™ supports demand for building clean wind power facilities.

How is this cost passed along to the customer?

  • Green Power is standard with Premium, U1X:Green, Utopia One, U2:XG, Utopia Two (sheets only), and Utopia Express with no upcharge or additional costs.

Can I add Green Power to Utopia products where it is not standard?

  • Yes - A small upcharge covers the additional cost of the green credits.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Available for stock and making products
  • Order size: 5,000 lbs. (Inquire for less than 5,000 lbs.)
  • Green Power requested at time of order
  • $1.00 per CWT upcharge

Utopia Green Product Offerings

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Utopia Green Product Offerings


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