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FSC® Certified Products

The Utopia® line of coated papers offers the broadest range of FSC-certified coated products. All 6 Utopia grades are FSC certified. Choose from glossy or satiny smooth Utopia Premium, xtra-bright and blue-white Utopia One X, soft blue Utopia One, clean and bright Utopia Two and U2:XG, warm Utopia Two Ivory Matte, or Utopia Three Matte.

Coupled with the choice of finishes in these lines, you have no restraints on taking your sustainable communications from cut-size to digital, traditional folio sheets to super-size, and web applications.

  • Utopia Premium Gloss, Silk, & Ivory Silk
  • Utopia U1X Gloss, Silk, & Matte
  • Utopia One Gloss, Dull, & Matte
  • Utopia U2:XG Gloss, Dull, Matte, & Ivory Matte
  • Utopia Two Gloss, Dull, & Matte Sheets
  • Utopia Two Web is available as making upon inquiry
  • Utopia Three Matte Sheets

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) sets forth principles, criteria, & standards for the wood fiber industry that span economic, social, and environmental concerns. FSC was created to change the dialogue about and the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. FSC standards for forest management have now been applied in over 57 countries around the world.

Appleton Coated is Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

What does FSC certification mean?
FSC certification means that a product has passed through a complete "chain of custody" from an FSC-certified forest, to an FSC-certified paper manufacturer, to an FSC-certified merchant, and an FSC-certified printer. Each part of the chain has its own standards for compliance.

Utopia Green Product Offerings