Direct Mail

A growing sector in print communications, direct mail makes its way into the "personal space" of your audience. And to get noticed, it needs to be relevant, timely, and attention-getting. Whether executed as a one-version mass printing or personalized variable data project, we can help you capture the desired look and feel to move your audience to action.

Business Reply Card Requirements

Nonstandard First-Class Mail Size Limits
A piece of First-Class Mail weighing one ounce or less is nonstandard if it exceeds any of the following size limits:

  • its length exceeds 11 1/2 inches

  • its height exceeds 6 1/8 inches

  • its thickness exceeds 1/4 inch

  • its aspect ratio (length divided by height) does not fall between 1.3 and 2.5 inclusive.

Review your planned dimensions and copy/art placements with your local USPS Mailpiece Design Analyst. For more information, visit