Utopia Digital - in Utopia Two and U2:XG - affords a consistent look and feel from small digital jobs, to folio and supersize sheets, and web rolls.

  • 5/2/16 - 11 New U2:XG Digital parts have been added to both the Indiana and Pennsylvania Distribution Centers. Click for more details.
  • 10 stocked SKU's added for the HP Indigo 10000.

HP Indigo certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)Utopia Digital (U2 & U2:XG) is ideal for digital offset, laser & color copier applications including the Xerox iGen3 & DocuColor series, Kodak NexPress, and HP Indigo presses. Utopia Two and U2:XG are HP Indigo certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Both U2 and U2:XG offer a clean, blue-white shade and are environmentally-friendly: both are FSC-certified with U2 containing 10% PCW and U2:XG containing 30% PCW. U2:XG is manufactured with Green-eฎ energy – electricity in the form of renewable energy.

Utopia Digital Guarantee

Utopia Digital products are guaranteed for laser and color copier applications. If you are not satisfied with the laser print performance of our product, we will replace the paper or provide credit for it. The guarantee applies to 80 lb. Cover and lighter basis weights.

We recommend pre-testing for desktop laser or other non-production grade equipment. Preprinted jobs are not guaranteed. Utopia Digital products are not suited for ink jet applications.

Utopia Digital Packaging

Our new, convenient clamshell carton for loose-packed product makes it easy to grab just a few sheets and re-close the carton. The single-tier carton design and lighter weight (approx. 50 lbs per carton) allows for safer, easier lifting. The carton is easily reused for storing or delivering the finished job.

For more information on Utopia Digital products: U2:XG & Utopia Two.