Ivory Matte

    UTOPIA TWO:XTRA GREEN (U2:XG), We’ve made selecting an environmentally-friendly paper super simple. FSC certification, Green Power, and 30% post-consumer recovered fiber (three times the EPA minimum for PCRF in coated papers)? Yes, yes, and yes! Did we mention dependable, high performance? That too. AND... U2:XG sheets are the same affordable price as Utopia Two sheets. So you can choose 30% PCRF for the same price as 10%. All that means the world — and your customers — will thank you.

    NEW Effective March 31 – 10 stocked SKU's added for the HP Indigo 10000. Click for more details.

  • Environmental pedigree reflects your organization’s environmental strategy without compromise.
  • Multiple finishes, for eye-catching images and bold, vibrant color, plus warm, tactile
    Ivory Matte.
  • Gloss and Dull available in 70- and 100-pound text and 65- 80- 100- and 120-pound cover.
  • Matte available in 70- and 100-pound text and 80- 100-pound cover.
  • Ivory Matte available in 70- 80- and 100-pound text and 80-pound cover and is an affordable ivory coated paper with a soft tactile feel.
  • Easily mixes with Utopia Two thanks to shade matching, delivering flexibility for multi-project campaigns.
  • Extensive inventory of stock items makes getting the right size easy.
  • U2:XG Digital is HP Indigo certified.
  • Stocked in digital sizes, including HP Indigo 10000 sizes.
  • Available for orders from one carton to high-quantity web runs.
  • Special making sheet (custom size) programs: Utopia Express, Utopia Digital Express, and Supersize as well as our standard making program for all sheets and web.
  • U2:XG is FSC-certified, contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer recovered fiber, and manufactured with electricity in the form of renewable energy
  • Made in the USA at an ISO 14001 facility.
  • Acid-free, pH neutral, and EECF.
  • Lacey Act compliant.