U360 Competition

U360 – 2016 Judging

In 2009, we introduced U360ľa new competition that is the next generation of U B the Judge. The competition moved from an event-based, peer judging to review by a North American panel of creative, communication, and print professionals. In March 2016, our Design Council met to judge the close to 200 entries we received in 2015.

U360 Competition

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U360 is a celebration of the role print plays in today's marketing mix. U360 embraces excellence in communication, design, and execution of projects. '360' reflects that the judging will take on a more holistic or 'all around' assessment of the project - from concept and writing, imagery and design, and finally quality of print and bindery execution.

Winners will be included in a showbook distributed throughout North America, the Utopia website, and in press releases. An exhibit of the winning entries will be available for local market events through your Utopia sales representative (based on availability).